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In 410 under Alaric, King of the Visigoths, we sacked Rome. Heh. That was cool.

Or... which life?


Man, it's much easier for me to remember years that just completely sucked.

Most of my years are a mix of good and bad. I got married in 2002, which would make it a pretty fantastic year, but I was also working for the Humane Society, scooping up cat crap for a living.

I guess I'd have to go with 2000. My sketch group was firing on all cylinders. I had a fantastic group of friends. My then-girlfriend and I were in a very nice place relationship-wise. It wasn't like my wildest dreams were coming true, but I was content.

Sereena X

2006 has been an amazing year. Every time I looked at my Tyson Beckford wall calendar, I was reminded of something incredibly memorable.

Incurable Insomniac

I think 1990 was my best. I was working as assistant conductor with a metropolitan orchestra, I had lots of work as a composer, didn't have to work a day job, and spent my time in composition on my opera, gardening, and going to various parties and functions. My mentor and I spent a lot of time together working on each month's concert, my son and I lived in a nice house that I was busy decorating, and all of my friends lived in the same area. I thought it would last forever.


What I find interesting is that in each of your commments I learned a lot about each of you. Your posts tell me what's important to you and about your personal lives a bit so I'm glad I asked.

I would have to say that 2006, (knee surgery and multiple flus aside), was a pretty good year too, especially in the stock market, and in terms of graduating from my MBA, spending good time with my close friends.


My best year ever? Hmmm, that's a tough one...

Like Joe, most of my years are a mix of good and bad, positive and negative, triumphs and disasters.

Unlike Sereena, 2006 has been a particularly crap-ass, sucky year for me.

My Best Year Ever was probably 1989, which was the first year I participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival.

We spent seven weeks in Scotland. Four weeks installing a theatre in an empty hall, while rehearsing and preparing 14 shows, and then three weeks performing: one play at 4pm, a different play at 7pm, a third play at 10pm and a 2pm matinee on Sat & Sun.

I performed in three plays, one of which was a high-profile British premiere written up in London's Guardian. I also ran sound, ran props, was the asst. costume shop manager (because I knew how to work a sewing machine), and ran the house for two shows. Everyone had to work on at least nine shows.

I made about 100 props out of foam core board for a two-dimensional version of Little Shop of Horrors, including flowers, a dentist drill, gas mask, and telephones. During "Suddenly Seymour," the cardboard kleenex got one of the biggest laughs of the night. I still have the flashlight as a memento.

After seven weeks of prep & performance, we had 24 hours to strike & store everything, returning to the hall to its previously empty glory.

I then got on a plane back to LA, and started the Fall semester the day after returning.

I was, of course, completely exhausted and swore I'd never do anything as intensely crazy as that.

But, once I got some sleep, I realized how truly amazing it was—what we accomplished in such a short time, and how much more I was capable of than I had ever dreamt was possible.

I did go back the following summer, with the benefit of my prior experience, and the savvy of better knowing what not to do.

Also, in 1989, after returning from Edinburgh, I got to direct a show which remains one of my favorite and proudest productions.

Had I not met cranky old man John Edw. Blankenchip, the artistic director of the Edinburgh program, in 1989, I would likely not have had the courage or temerity to start my own theatre company in 1991.

He provided some of the most amazing opportunities in my life, and taught me how little is needed to create a sense of magic, beauty, and wonder on stage.

At 86, he is still taking folks to Edinburgh, and trying to get me to go back again.

In 2007, I just might.


My best year would be 2005 - the year my daughter was born.

Real mushy I know, but though I would never thought it of me before, it is true.


I have to agree with Steph on 1990. Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...


Sorry I'm late.

Without a doubt, 1994 was my banner year. Read the sordid details here.



Suzanne, I hope your reminiscing about your Scotland trip prompts you to go again for some more drama experiences. That's one place I've heard is amazing to visit.

Romie, hard to argue with that one.

Ville, Doris Day would be proud of your quote. My mom really loves that song too.

Prego, That's crazy just leaving and driving across country, (in a Hyundai Excel no less). I'm sure you'll never forget it though.

Stephen V. Funk

1977. The year "Saturday Night Fever" came out.


1969....a year when everything went right and then everything went sideways; I learned a great deal from that year.


Thanks for an excellent and thought-inspiring post! It prompted me to post my own entry about it on my blog. Cheers!

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