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Hmm You are wrong ... SAAB IS THE BEST CAR ON THIS PLANET - I don't see any reason to buy Audi, BMW or Mercedes - prices are very comparable - as for me 5-10,000 EUR less or more does not matter, but German's cars are borring. There is nothing to love. Jappanese and other cars are at least 1-2 level down. If SAAB dissaper I have a big problem what car buy next and I have very limited choice - VOLVO, Jaguar or maybe a last choice be BMW


At last, thank you for expressing my feelings about Saab accurately and articulately. GM please listen to us. Save Saab.

Evia P

I agree with this article in many ways. My brother owns a SAAB and he says it is his favorite car he's ever driven and owned. If they do loose this company, sales will drop for other companies with people retaliating. Also about how it was said that we become attached to our cars I agree as well, my sister has been borrowing my car while hers is broken and it becomes aggravating to me that it's not "mine" for the time being.


I should have said, "Saabs aren't considered the best cars on the planet". I like them best too.

Thanks for the compliment. I wanted to make non-Saab people understand why we love the brand and why it must be saved. It looks like our support worked!

We don't have to worry about losing Saab in the near future. Cars are more than mere possessions which is why we get attached.

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