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This is an interesting topic. I have often supported the movement of the team to downtown Detroit, even though it would put them farther away from me (alas, all the games sellout, so I haven't been to a game in quite a while). However, I don't think downtown needs yet another arena/convention center. The indoor downtown arenas (except Ford Field) don't hold as many people as the Palace, but it would provide a much needed boost to Detroit. 22,000 a night 41 nights a year + any home playoff games. You do the math.


Hi I just found you...nice site. It's funny that every time a nationally televised game is here, they only show the shots of downtown Detroit, but then say the Palace of Auburn Hills. It just doesn't mix. I don't think Davidson is building anything downtown for a long time...


I know what you mean about showing Detroit while talking about the Palace of Auburn Hills, but it's an issue other cities have too. I don't think they'll move downtown either. Not until the Palace becomes dilapidated or just outdated.

- Atul


For now, I think we are set. The Palace is still a much nicer facility than many of the NBA's older stadiums - although some beautiful new arenas are beginning to pop up (Houston's Toyota Center & Charlotte's Bobcat Arena). Sometime within the next two decades, Ilitch and Davidson should try to build something state of the art downtown. Most other NBA teams do have their stadiums within the actual city limits... I still am split on this.


I'm with you ripi$money. I'm still split on the idea. I do think though that the Palace should be commended for being one of the last few (if not the only) privately owned stadiums left.

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