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Yessir! Happy Days are Here Again! Joey is out the door, and with two solid (I hope) quarterbacks waiting to inherit Joey's old job and a new coach, maybe the Lions offense can finally get it going.


Ya I think I'm on the same page as you ripi$money. Should be an exciting season, but I am not getting my hopes over the top. I'll wait and see.


This new regime and any new regime will fail misserably as long as Matt Millen is in control of the product on the field! Joey was a complete bust, no doubt about it and I am very happy to see him go. But Kitna? Crap!

I understand that Martz is here now and that he is very creative with his offensive schemes, but Kitna? Crap!

I've been a Lions fan for over 30 years and simply put..."Detroit Lions - Rebuilding since 1957!"


I'm a die-hard Lions fan, therefore I obviously have mental problems. That being said, I would really like to buy one of those "Rebuilding since 1957" t-shirts. I saw a guy wearing one the other day at Metro when I flew in to MI for a visit. I have been searching online ever since and can't find one. Can someone help, I live in Florida and am very willing to pay to have one shipped to me.

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