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I really like this post esp' this sentance "But remember, the best way to keep the area clean is to not get it dirty in the first place"

Hear, hear! We here at are also crusaders for a cleaner Detroit!
I wanted to thank you for writing about this, and for the links you provided. Hopefully some people will take some action!

We made a "Love Detroit: don't litter t-shirt" to get our part kicked off in the right direction.



Good points made here.

East of the RenCen they've just this week put down a new surface of tarmac. But already it's dangerous to ride along due to the amount of smashed glass from vodka bottles and beer bottles thrown out of car windows!

This is not a good way to show pride in our city.



Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll have to check out the RenCen pathway, but I'm not surprised it's already being littered with items. Litter is a symptom of lack of pride and once others litter, it makes it easier for additional people to be alright with littering too.

Nice blog by the way. I like to bicycle, but can't get the nerve to commute on bike from Royal Oak to Redford. It seems too dangerous and a bit too far. Do you know about Check it out.


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