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I have been to three major auto shows in recent years, namely New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the latter of which is local and I go to it year every year. New York was a blast because it was simply a better show. The car companies invest a lot in full wall video displays, multi-level hardwood floors, and turntables that really show off vehicles. Cars are simply merchandised better there. The displays were two levels above Chicago and LA. This year, because LA is trying to upgrade its position in the circuit, its displays were significantly better, but it still not up to New York. I have heard that Chicago is also raising its on floor appeal. What has always been great about LA is that it is BIG!. There are four halls and the space used for cars is simply huge. It is an exhaustling show, and that makes you feel cheated when you go to other shows. But secondly, LA has a lower level with a huge room that is devoted to after market equipment, models, books, car keys - you name it! It is out of place at other shows - but from an entertainment point of view I have grown to appreciate it and look forward to walking up and down its isles and listening to barkers trying to sell the latest wax.


Rich, interesting comment. I have yet to go to the LA Auto Show, but I do know that the Chicago one is also huge and at a nice venue. Detroit is talking about updating Cobo Hall. I hope they do it soon before the limelight gets stolen. It's still the Motor City, but anything can happen.

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