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Ha. I quite agree, but I am sure that we are in a minority.

Leather looks nice and is easy to keep clean. But, it seems to show it's age very quickly. Cloth can go both ways. I had a VW with cloth and the upholstery started to show wear after only one year. It also seemed to attract dog/cat/human hair like a hair magnet. My 91 Saab has this nice velour stuff which still looks great and feels very nice too. No hair attraction problems. I would be happy to pay less for a car and get cloth, especially the nice Saab cloth. My new Saab has leather/vinyl. It looks nice and feels ok but it just doesnt feel as luxurious as good cloth upholstery. Too bad.

Some cloth looks *really* chintzy (think 1997 Subaru).

Ken Milan

Does anyone know if the new 2008 Saturn Astra will have a BEIGE interior available?
It appears from my reading that "Gray" is probably the only color. I think its a major marketing error not to have a Beige interior available. Please let me know your thoughts: [email protected]




I don't know for sure but based on the way the AURA is currently spec'd, I wouldn't be surprised if grey is the only color available on the ASTRA. I would recommend that you check with www.saturnfans.com. There are lots of people on that site who follow Saturns closer than we do.

The ASTRA is a sweet car, isn't it? If I was in the market, I would consider buying one.

- Atul

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Los Angeles Subaru

Honestly, I prefer leather just because it looks better. I don't care if it's hotter or stuff slides around on it; I like the way it looks. A car with cloth seats looks cheap even if it's not. Sorry.

muska supra

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