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One day even the Americans will see the light ;-)


Face it. American cars suck. They're only good for one thing: driving in a straight line with an average speed of 30mph. As soon as a corner comes in sight, or you need a bit more speed, you're fucked.
I won't even mention the awful plastic interiors and substandard fittings.

Oh, btw: The town's name is spelled: Schladming.

Patatje met

And the funny thing is: The Japanese people are way ahead of us Europeans, they invent the cars we drive here (and most of the accesoires) :-)


Agree with kloothommel,like last time in top gear about the new Pontiac sportscar (dunnow type).

6 liter v8 engine, and an astonishing.... 170 break horse power! A Golf GTI with 2 liters has more :D


Maybe all US citizens should drive normal cars, then they get financial profits, and also the CO2 emission from the US will be less than the aprox 30% you guys are putting in the air now!


Geenstijl doe dr wat aan!


@ European
You're dumbass! The japanese don't no sh$t about accessories. They make sh$t. 2 years in a japanese car and is't worthless. European cars are the best to have... they look better, drive better and good for your wallet. It's only becuase the fuel in America is so cheap, otherwise they where driving european cars allready :)


Do you live on another planet?


It's funny because this year I went to the Swiss Alps with my Ford Focus(not compaiable with the USA Focus) eguipped with winter tyres. An other family member drives a Volvo XC70 which has 4 wheel dive but no winter tyres. I was able to drive uphill on snow covered roads with no problems, but we had to push the Volvo several times, because it had no grip at all on the snow covered roads.

The preception that a SUV is better equipped for driving in the mountains is wrong. Most SUV's are extremly heavy and handling is worse than a normal car. They also require winter tyres for optimal grip, even if the are equiped with winter tyres.


And let's not forget that American cars are down right ugly. Ok, the Ford GT40 doesn't look half bad, but then again it was designed by an Italian based on an earlier British design. American cars are like the people that produce them: loud, arrogant, big, bulky technically flawed and not very smart. It makes sense.

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