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You should check out Sudoku on Life Magazine, very cool interface designed by fantasy interactive


Sereena X

I've never tried Sudoku. I'd rather solve a cryptic crossword puzzle than play a game that is made of numbers.



The funny thing about Sudoku is that you could put the letters A through J instead of the numbers 1 through 9 and it would still be the same game. There's no math involved, just logic. At least with crossword puzzles, you might learn something. With Sudoku, you learn nothing new.


Hassan Aït-Kaci


I thought you'd enjoy taking a look at the following paper (whether or not
you are into Su Doku solving or Constraint Logic Programming):


It was fun writing. I hope it is as much fun reading ... Comments welcome.



Domo Sudoku

I've never been able to solve the Rubik's cube. This is the reason why I love sudoku. I don't think it's a waste of time.


Faith H

I love Sudoku! I first came across this type of puzzle in one of my High School math classes. After the teacher explained it to me I caught on very quickly. I totally agree it is very addicting and I also agree that it keeps the mind active. I’m not a big fan of video games but my sister purchased a game called Brain Age for her Nintendo DS. It was a fun video game that challenged the brain with small activities and calculated an age. One of the events you could do was Sudoku. It was very fun because it warned you of incorrect numbers so that you didn’t have the problem of going through practically the whole puzzle before realizing a number was wrong. Also, it timed how long it took to complete each puzzle so you could challenge yourself to improve your lowest score.


I first was wondering the same thing. Why would Sudoku ever be fullfilling? Am I just wasting my time?

Well, I was sitting in the Mexico City airport waiting for a connecting flight home. I went to one of the stores to buy a water and by the check-out is a Sudoku book. For some reason, I bought it and started cracking these number puzzles. The next thing I know this book became addicting right away. For the whole five hour flight I played this funny little game.

So maybe it is not life fulfilling, but it does keep you thinking and hones other critical thinking skills. I have learned to help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia later in life, one must keep critically thinking.

I think Sudoku definitely keeps one critically thinking and sharp. So why not try to solve those frustrating puzzles that keep us busy? I am hooked.


Faith and Sknoblock,
I agree that Sudoku is challenging and develops one's mind, but the end result is nothing new or helpful. One could challenge their mind by creating something new such as art, an idea, or perhaps teaching others as a volunteer. I stopped playing a while ago, (partially because I can't do the harder ones very well). :-)


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