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Stephen V Funk

I don't get what the big deal is about "Idol" either. You'd think this would have run its course by now.

I don't get "Deal or No Deal" either.

But clearly millions -- perhaps billions? -- of people disagree...


I guess there are many things that we both don't get about American culture. But the Deal or No Deal thing and American Idol are used internationally and are popular elsewhere too.


(I've been known to bring down the house singing the Madonna back catalogue at Kara-kookie myself.)

I don't watch it either. It's really not about the singing. You nailed it. Our sorry-ass culture is increasingly fascinated by fame, and pathetically eager to have a hand in creating it. Meanwhile, there is a TRULY talented individual somewhere whose ouevre will never see the light of day because they're too fat, ugly or too talented.


I thought about it some more and I suppose there are some really talented voices on the show which are worth watching, but since when has our country become discerning about voice talent? So many pop stars are horrible live singers.

What bothers me the most is how many people voted for American Idol compared to the most that have ever voted for a U.S. presidential election. It's sickening to think that more people care about who wins a singing contest than the course of our nation and planet.

ann michael

Atul - I have NEVER seen even one episode of American Idol (although I must confess I love Howie on DOND). I think Idol is so popular because people feel like they're participating (like prego said). In some warped way they feel like they know the person too - like watching an athlete in college go on to the pro's.


Hi Atul, You know what, in India, Sony has also started Indian Idol and that is also with lot of hype. Ppl vote for them like crazy.


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