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Dave P

The main reason people complain is because the large oil companies are making ridiculously high profits and continue to raise gas prices. It's a rip-off and something needs to be done. I understand your view, but what you're suggesting is just not practical for everyone. We need to put more pressure on our politicians to make necessary changes.



It's true that the oil companies are probably making unreasonable profits. I think it's similar to the way the health/medicine industry works. We NEED oil like we need medical care so they charge us whatever they feel like they can get away with.

And I agree it's impractical for people to just drive less. Looking back though, if people thought long term and had the foresight to drive more efficient vehicles or drive shorter routes, they wouldn't be so affected.

We as a culture are short-sighted. The mortgage industry is another example. I see a real crisis looming with adjustable rate mortgages as the rates continue to increase. People won't be able to pay for their homes as their payments increase.

- Atul

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