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Alex B

I feel like I would have to thing again who my real friends are if I became famous. If old friends that I have not talked to in years contacted me I do think I would trust them.

Alex B

Josh Turek

I would honestly keep my freinds who have been around for the longest time. Any friends that I make after I become famous would be because they are looking for free bees, money, or just to say that they know you so your "new friends" can get into places, night clubs, that they could not get into before.

Brett Ramirez

When I become famous, I would keep only my friends that knew me before I got famous. I would be very careful of those that I met after I become famous because they may not be my friend for the right reasons. People will treat me like I'm famous, and it would be up to me to control all of the influences and be careful as to who I allow into my life.



Yes, you would definitely have to reconsider or reassess your friendships. It is about how people treat you when you can't do anything special for them. If they treat you differently when you can, then they probably aren't good friends.


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