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Dave P

The dune rides along Lake Michigan are sweet. Many years ago, you could go anywhere, but due to erosion you are restricted. I hope to take my nephew there this summer.

david hares

Dear Atul,
I still remember your presentations at the presentation course as the most passionate and clear.
(why buying an SUV is not a good option?, the great diesel engine, etc)
I hope you are still a great story teller,



Thanks for commenting. If anything, you were the most personable and vibrant storyteller in the class, but I think I was alright. I'm glad you liked the way I presented because the professor sure didn't. She gave me a grade of "Pass". I think she didn't like me to begin with.

Where are you now? Are you still in Ann Arbor?

How did you happen to come across my blog?

Take it easy,

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