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And it's a MUCH much more beautiful game than our so-called football.

By the way, you might want to re-visit that last statement!

Dave P

I agree with what you've said. In general-The NFL and NASCAR thrive because people are drawn to the speed and the violent collisions within the events. People dislike baseball because the pace is too slow. The steroids and HGH issues don't help either. People don't understand hockey which is why it lags in popularity and can't get TV exposure. People see basketball players as too "gangsta" or hip-hop. Thus, the newly instituted dress code.

I like and appreciate all of the above sports. Each offers something unique.

If the US ever became a soccer power, people would make the effort to learn about it. Until then, it will not be considered a major sport.


Considering the high volume of kids that actually play it, I'm surprised it doesn't have that much of a foothold. Maybe the same kids that are running around a field, screeching as they chase the ball around the pitch will grow up and be fans.

More likely than not, they'll tune in to the English Premier League or the Italian League first. Or... Survivor: Cape Cod.



Don't count the USA soccer team out yet. Perhaps they were shaken into reality by their first poor performance. It works for many NCAA basketball teams who barely win their first round games. And keep in mind that the Czech Republic is ranked number 2. Their midfield defense was amazing, kept the U.S. from putting much together in passes or dribbling.

Prego and Dave,
As for the sport, soccer is amazing to watch and like golf, it looks easy if you've never played. Few people appreciate it like the three of us do, but I think as our world becomes more global and kids continue to play it here, that soccer will become more popular in the U.S. Too bad it didn't happen with our generation. If I ever have a son, I'm going to have him play soccer and then become a fieldgoal kicker if there's no money or future in U.S. soccer.



I hate to say 'never', but beating the Italians will be a tall order.

I do have sons. One of them's already running the pitch at 4 (though he kind of sucks) and the other one is already itching to play. I hope they just enjoy it as much as I did, but I pray to hell they don't succumb to as many injuries playing as I did.

Considering it's viewed as a sports for wusses, it does take a hell of a physical toll to play. Believe it or not, I had to resort to playing hockey when I couldn't play soccer anymore.

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