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Dave P

I agree with what you're saying though I haven't spent nearly the time thinking about it as you have. People who think they are better than you because they live in a "cooler" town are ignorant. I have been to a number of places, some cool, some not and know that just like here, they have good and bad points. Weather is a key point, but you can't change that. A good part of getting older(wiser?) is that you care/focus less what people think- especially outsiders and acquaintances. It is less stressful to live life without constantly worrying about what others think(that's for teenagers). There will always be someone who thinks you're wrong so you can't please everyone even if you tried.


During the 1999 Stanley Cup finals, I sat in the stands during game three. My friend had a connection, so we got really sweet tickets.

We were surrounded by all these 'used to be hot' women who were overdressed, cheering for the opposition and referring to them by first names. It took a dozen or so seconds for my brain to register that they were the wives of the Dallas Stars.

The conversation turned into a friendly trading of barbs until one of the old hussies says "We call this town 'Butt-F*ckalo.'" I looked at her and said, "So do we."

I, too live in a humble burg akin to the two sh*tholes you mentioned. My mortgage payment is $750, I live in the city centre, there are a ton of affordable restaurants around and we have two seasons: July and Winter. I've moved on various occasions but always come back.

Yeah, other cities have more pizzazz, and there is that je ne sais quoi factor... but you can't beat our fat chicks & nobody butchers our language better than our working class.


Cleveland rocks! Cleveland rocks! Cleveland rocks! Cle-eveland rocks! (Repeat as necessary.)

There's nothing wrong with not living in one of the "A-list" cities. Every city has something to offer. Every city has pockets of hipness and culture. People with a stick up their ass about the superiority of their city should be forced to live in a trailer park in rural Arkansas until they get off their frickin' high horse about smaller cities. (Not that there's anything wrong with rural Arkansas trailer parks, if that's your chosen Nirvana.)


Dave P.,
I guess it does come down to not worrying about what other people think, but what other people think of you does affect how they treat you.

Glad to see you like it in Buffalo and ended up coming back after time in other cities. I went to RIT and liked to hang out there once in while.

Yes, Cleveland does rock. I was going to end my post with Cleveland Rocks, but I decided not to. I like your suggestion about people who are from the A-List cities. If the non-A-list cities were so bad, everybody would move to the A-list cities. But in actuality, most people don't live in the A-list towns.

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