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Incurable Insomniac

One part of me reacts with a resounding, "Hell, yes. I want to be frickin' immortal!", but another part of me realizes that we were never meant to live beyond 40 anyway, and we're already pushing the envelope. The issues you raise are important ones.

When my more spiritual side speaks up, it tells me that staving off death, while full of personal possibilities, would really mess up my personal beliiefs in reincarnation and evolution of the soul.

But the spiritual is seldom a strong point of debate.

So would I opt to live a v-e-r-y long life? Yes. In my mid-fifties I am only now beginning to understand life and my place in it. Seems a shame that as soon as we really "get it" we have to shuffle off the mortal coil. There's so much more to learn and do, and people to meet, places to go, lives to live. If I knew that I was actually only one-quarter into my life, instead of three-quarters, I'd plan and do things much differently.

Dave P

It would depend upon the quality of that extended life. A number of older people endure aches and pains that make getting through each day very difficult. You make good points with the resource and income issues Can you setup a simulation of this first for me to try and then I'll let you know.

Stephen V Funk

Hm. I think if I make it to about 75 that's a good enough run. Anything after that is a bonus (if I'm still healthy, that is.)

The desire for immortality (via science, religion, reincarnation, whatever) seems to be a uniquely human concept that just won't go away.

Logically, though, it just doesn't make sense. Eventually all these beings and/or souls would just have nowhere else to go. Unless space is also infinite, which doesn't work either.

Hey, did somebody spike my scotch with LSD?


I've always thought the fact that we are living longer and longer to be a bit frightening. Our bodies start decomposing after age 20 (Thank you Life of Ageing 101) which basically means the majority of us are walking corpses. The older we live, the more diseases we battle. Perhaps having more time to get things done will in reality mean you don't do anything. A sense of urgency and appreciation for the few precious moments we have on this earth make for a much more intersesting life.


I don't know that I'd want to be immortal, but as long as I can look good and make myself happy on earth of course I'd like to live.

I'm good and alive as long as I feel good and alive and that is forever. I can't help but feel that some of the received wisdom---yes, even the stuff that is supposed to be based upon scientific certainties---is a load of piffle.
You may consider yourself a walking corpse after 20, HOLLYWOOD most assuredly does, but damned if I or my son consider ME that way.
I'm as wonderful as I am for as long as I can be.
Immortality? Bring it ON!


I have too much intellectual curiosity to NOT want to die at some point. The whole struggle of the world is predicated on what people say happens after you die.

At the end you get to find out. Even if you don't.

I want to know that.


I think the fear of mortality is at the heart of this. Living for a long-ass time will lose it's appeal after a while for all those amusing reasons you mentioned.... but you leave with an unexplored dilemma.

"How much would you pay for the option?"

I'd imagine the cost of prolonging your life indefinitely must would be rather substantial. Given this country's shitful health care coverage, it's likely that only the wealthy would have this option, which would give scientists a moral conundrum. All that research to keep a couple rich old f*ckers like Warren Buffet, Harpo Winfrey and some Arab shiekhs around? Meanwhile, we po' folk keel over at 51 from lack of proper care.

Nah... Count me out.

At age 92.


Incurable Insomniac

Very well said, RW. Damn.


Sorry for not taking part in the discussion. I was traveling, working in Philadelphia and then traveling and thanks to NWA and the storms and Philly airport, I didn't get home until very late.

Great points (or perspectives rather), that people brought up. I know that for me to sign up to living longer, it would have to include not physically feeling too old for me too. The whole concept of wanting to be immortalized is a human trait which is interesting and somewhat unreasonable when you think of it. There have probably been 20(?) billion people on this earth so any one of us is totally unique, yet not that special. And yes, most religions wouldn't accept human immortality. That is the place for God. I would like to know what happens after I die, but sticking with what I know might be better since the after-life could be a disappointment or non-existent. As for the rich being the only ones who would be able to afford the immortality pill, for them and their stuff, I would have to say, "You CAN keep it with you."

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