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Jack Yan

Not a bad idea, Atul. I adopt a half-way policy for my publications: the cities are in their original languages (if in a different script, then the nearest transliteration), but countries are in English. When given the opportunity, I will pronounce the place name as closely as possible to what a native would call it.

Dave P

Not just a new keyboard, but some programming/reporting tools disallow the use of an apostrophe because the single quote is used to denote a string. Also, some email software is not setup to decipher non-keyboard symbols.
Oh, wait, the company can add this functionality and then you would have to purchase it and the company would make $$$$.


Brilliant. and states, too:

Flo-REE-dah, Coh-loh-RAH-do,
Te-HASS.... and Nueva Yorrrr.

All kidding aside, very interesting. I never knew India was Bharta. I found it odd, during the World Cup that the Netherlands is referred to as 'Paises Bajos' in Spanish. There's no logic to it...


Glad you guys like the idea. Now we just all have to start learning the pronunciations and spellings of the hundreds of countries' real names, and start a company that makes keyboards with all the accents. Then we'll be rich, and we will have world peace because we'll all 'understand' each other better!

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