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The penalties for music and movie piracy are actually worse than those for child pornography in some cases, makes no sense. I understand that the multimedia industries are trying to stop people from stealing their productions, but in the end, high prices and restrictive DRM push even more people to piracy while punishing those who only want to enjoy their favorite music the right (and legal) way.


I didn't know that about the harsher penalties for piracy than child pornography. That's sad. The point on DRM is true too. I didn't think about that fact. It became an obstacle with some songs I downloaded onto a laptop whose hard drive crashed. I had to email to get MSN to restore the files to my work computer and then I had to install my MP3 software on my work computer to get them to my player. That's all because copying the files to my home computer didn't work. What a pain.

Stephen V. Funk

I'm trying to adjust to the whole idea of "music = downloadable file" but I'm just a sentimental old bastard when it comes to browsing in record stores... getting to know an employee who can recommend stuff to you... rushing home to listen to a new album for the first time... checking out the album art, reading the liner notes... with downloads, all of that is missing, isn't it? sigh


You have the Creative Zen Player? Great taste! I want one too!

I don't actually mind paying for music, but as you've pointed out, the prices being charged are ludicrous...even for Singles. I've gone from WinMX to iTunes, which is pretty cheap, but I think you can only burn them onto a CD so many times (or something like that). No worries though...found a few Russian sites that sell tracks for even less (and with fewer or no restrictions)!!!

Anyhow, just thought I'd drop by and slap you with the 50-Questions Tag (get them from my blog), 'cos I reckon you'll prolly have loads of interesting things to say! :-p


Great piracy post. I guess great minds think alike. As long as there's a buck to be made, piracy will continue.


Heh.... After the tens of thousands of dollars I spent on LPs and CDs over a 20 year span, I'm rippin the sh*t out of music for the next 20. I filled out a form for a piece of a lawsuit about overpriced CDs and I think I got less than $5.

Coincidentally, I started what might be a weekly feature of four tracks on my blog. Stop by and give a listen.

your pal,



You make great points about buying music not being the same experience as it used to be. The other thing is that albums are meant to have songs in a particular order, almost like a story. Also you were forced to listen to songs you didn't know and possibly ended up liking. Nowadays, people just download one or two songs off of an album and the album experience is gone.


Yes, piracy will keep happening because of the economics.


I never thought about it, but musical restitution makes sense. I think I got $10 from a CD class action lawsuit which is pathetic as well.

I will stop by to check out your tracks.


I do believe you have a point about people downloading music that they never would have brought and liking the band. I think so some of the artist it is a matter of stealing their property. They record companies maybe acting out of greed but some of these bands and artist are not rich and never make any real money because of the downloading.

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