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It appears as though this generation of young people will be the first in America to have a harder time than their parents.

Our current government is throwing money away, allowing people to destroy the environment in the name of profit, and doing nothing to stop the flow of outsourcing.


I agree rip. Thanks for chiming in. Let's hope our generation(s) don't turn out the same!


I totally agree!!! Look at how much the generations that have come before us here have screwed up the environment and created a society that always wants more. Gah!! Its all thier fault!!

Adam Selene

lol - from my ancient perspective of 53 years, this is quite funny. My generation was accused, at the time, of being lazy slobs who didn't respect the hard work of their elders. After all, we didn't trust anyone over 30 and wanted to live fast and die young.

Nothing has changed all that much. Cycles come, cycles go, people blame everyone else for their troubles and forget that 90% of anything worthwhile is due to hard work on YOUR part.

My parents didn't know anything about soccer, carpooling, or preparing kids for life. We were told to get out of the house and find something to do. Well... we did. Now it's your turn.


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The current generation is running the government and causing all your problems. Don't hate seniors for their contributions and willingness to work hard and live the dream. If you need a job look to other states that are hiring.

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