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Dave P

I remember receiving that email from you. Raw with emotion, I scoffed at it a bit. However, over time your not reactionary but well-thought-out words have proven to be very wise. I had a class assignment yesterday regarding how philosophy and religion are the foundation of our ethical beliefs. It gave me an opportunity to express thoughts about 9/11 and the 5 years since. Some of what I wrote is similar to what you have presented here.


Thanks for the comment again Dave. It would be neat to read your paper. There was actually a special on PBS which talked about how 9/11 changed people's faith.


One of the most disturbing developments over the last few months has been the meme about "Islamo-Fascists" and the widening rhetoric about Islam being a religion of violence (the Christians have a history of being pretty good at violence themselves).

Right after 9/11 the President actually seemed to take some care to make the distinction. I'm deeply saddened that because he thinks it's to his political advantage, he's letting his surrogates stoke the whole "They're not like us" thing once again.

Jack Yan

Amazing post, Atul—thank you for sharing. We need these reminders occasionally and the anniversaries of 9-11 are very suitable times for us to consider our values.



Yes, I believe the whole game that the Republicans play is to use divisiveness and scare tactics to get people to vote for them.


Glad you liked the letter. I'm glad I saved it. What's funny is that I sent it from my work email and my director had been told by his boss to ask me if everything was OK and they also told me not to use work email for such messages.

- Atul

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