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We have a Subura Legacy wagon. The other day the guy at the feed store was surprised that we got two hay bales and some firewood in the back.

I'm always surprised that SUV's have as little room as they do inside, particularly when you leave the backseat intact.


It's good to see that other people such as yourself have seen the light. SUV's tend to be more vertical and are not as long as cars of similar interior volume so they have little space behind the rear seat and some have little leg room for rear seat occupants as well.

Saab fanatics such as myself share stories of what we have fit in the backs of our cars and how we had surprised so many others. It's fun challenging people's assumptions about vehicle cargo carrying capability.

As for towing or true off-road driving, you can't beat a body on frame SUV.


I had an 88 Honda Accord hatchback that I LOVED and would probably still be driving today if my house-sitting friend hadn't nearly totalled it in 1999 while I was traveling.

I kept it for another year after that, but it became clear I was driving on borrowed time. Unfortunately, it was just before Honda rolled out the hybrid Civic, so I got a non-hybrid model which has about the same wheelbase length as my old Accord.

Without the hatchback, I can't fit as much cargo, although I do like having a separate back window for the dog. My old dog used to poke his head out my window from the backseat, pressing against my seatbelt shoulder harness in a most uncomfortable (for me) way.

I think SUV driving people who never even drive off-road are a tad ridiculous and wasteful. Same goes for driving one of those huge behemoths, like a Ford Expedition, when you're not towing anything.

People should focus more on fuel-efficiency and safety, rather than media-influenced ideas of coolness or image.



So you've been through the missing of the hatchback. I have a motto (which actually doesn't apply to you)...
"Once you go hatchback, you never go back."

Funny how your old Accord is the same size as your Civic. Cars are growing larger as we grow larger.

I couldn't agree more about people making wasteful decisions with their vehicle choices. I wish people would stop with all the conspicuous consumption.


wagon club. www.aswoa.com. great for wagon enthusiasts.

Account Deleted

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts to the people. Some points are helpful.

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