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I have MANY friends in the Rose City. I have yet to go visit them. I think I might early next year.

If you ever have to visit the WNY area, dinner's on me.




Yes, I highly recommend you visit your friends in Portland. People are a bit weird there, (and they even admit it), but there are many beautiful things to see and the restaurants are amazing.

If I'm ever in your area, I'll let you know. I appreciate the offer for dinner and I would take you up on it. It would be good to meet you. I went to RIT for undergrad so I visit Rochester once in a while.

The Management

Hi Atul! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm enjoying yours too - especially now that I've seen you visited Portland, my favorite city in the U.S. (I lived there for 6 years). I look forward to visiting here again. And keep coming back to http://www.mollyfree.com. The randomness never stops...


It's all a LIE! Portland is a HORRIBLE place. I know, I live there. Rains all the time, the girls are all FAT, and the guys are all flannel shirt wearing redneck GOONS! No art, no culture, no music. Just RAIN and ultra right-wing neo-nazi FASCISTS! Stay AWAY!

rita patel

Really nice photos...I think photos 6 & 7 from the top would make an amazing one photograph together (which is what I first thought it was).


Hi Rita,

I just noticed the comment. Glad you liked my pictures. I tried to click on your site but I guess it's password protected.

I noticed that just the other day that the tree and bridge from the two photos line up almost perfectly.

Take care.


Hey Atul,

Sorry I have been out of touch...you know how life gets! Anyway, it would be great to catch up....give me a call or email your number. BTW, liked the pictures from out reception!

Talk to you soon,

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