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I think in reality it works the other way around. The celebrity gets the disease or has someone close to them who has or has had it and they get approached by the foundation or the charity.

It also doesn't work that way. Angelina Jolie started working for UNICEF I think before she started adopting children from all around the world.

In another generation, Josephine Baker did the same thing, pre UN.


I haven't researched it enough to know the real story so thanks for making me see it the other way around. I understand the Jolie and Baker stories, but those are slightly different because they don't have to do with cures for diseases. Perhaps I should have been more specific on what I meant by "cause".

As for people like Christopher Reeves or Michael J. Fox, it would be interesting to know what really transpired, but I have a feeling that the celebrity pushes for a cure and then the foundation comes to them. I think it would be a tricky game to try to approach somebody that just got a disease to ask them to help you raise money when they have much more grave concerns in their heads.

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