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I actually like Wife Swap. A lot of the shows wind up being very gentle with both families learning a bit from the other..Of course, there's the small matter that some of those people are crazy....


Yes, some of the families are crazy or at least extreme in some aspect of their lives. Perhaps as our society becomes less mainstream, the fringes get further and further from the norm.


Have they ever had an Indian family on the show? that actually might be very interesting with a fundamentialist Christian family say.


They had a S. Asian Muslim family, not sure what nationality. They traded with a normal lower middle class white family that didn't believe in education. The S. Asian family was completely materialistic and status-driven though. It was a decent episode, but not one of the best.

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Jordan Hunt

I love Wife Swap and Nanny 911. It seriously makes me so grateful i had a normal childhood with normal parents and even normal neighbors. I seriously can't stand seeing those little brat kids running around but it always ends on a good note and a family seeking help is a loving family in my opinion. They want their kids to grow up the best way and if that way is getting cameras and having a professional nanny come into their home then so be it. Help is help. I also love Wife Swap as well. I can't believe how they can find the complete opposites and extreme parenting styles and people it boggles my mind what kind of American citizens we have out there. It really opens my mind and realize that some people don't like and appreciate normal.


Jordan, It's great that you agree. It's nice to feel normal isn't it? And yes, these shows, unlike most reality shows, are actually providing a service to people who need it. Hopefully these shows stay on the air but I have to admit that I don't watch them as much as I used to.

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