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Dave P

1. Yes. Some in religious leadership from various religions have been involved money and/or sex scandals which give the religion itself a bad name. In spite of this, you can still love and worship God.

2. Very few are as good of a driver as they may think.



I would tend to agree, but I say that people who are really religious would say God and religion come together as one package. I guess to say Yes means that religion and God worship doesn't have to be organized.

As for drivers, I agree with you. Maybe we need driver's IQ tests that show how good people really are. Hmm, I should start that as a business.

Delphine Higgins

Yes I feel its very possible. Religion is a non-profitable organization.This organization is started or ran by a imperfect person who may have their own selfish desires. And this thinking is not in connection with God thinking.So we may have to pray to him ourselves and ask for guidance.

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