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Happy birthday to your car Atul.
Why does a GM employee get a discount to buy a Saab though? Do the two companies have a relationship these days?

If a car can serve you for ten years, that's very good. My daughter has an 8 year old Audi and it seems like all the little things on the car are causing problems. I don't think we'd ever buy an Audi again. We've had much better luck with the Japanese cars.


My car thanks you for the birthday wishes Chancelucky. GM bought 50% of Saab in 1989 and then the rest of the company in 2000, hence the employee discount.

Our family collectively has had many cars last 125,000 miles plus, mostly domestic GM products, (Oldsmobiles, a Buick, a Pontiac and my Saab), a few Toyotas. We no longer buy Japanese products since I started working for the Big 3. Speaking of that, in the future, don't forget to consider some of the American products which have become quite reliable.

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