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Dave P

I agree with what your saying. Since your views are not radical, I don't see how anyone could have a problem with them. The experiences-good and bad- we had as young people helped shape us into the adults we are. YMCA was started for that purpose, but I don't think it has progressed as it potentially could have and yet it serves a purpose.
We don't place a high value(salary) on being a youth leader so people pursue other walks of life.

As much as computers have benefited society, the time spent with a PC(Internet/games) has affected social skills through decreased opportunity for direct face-to-face social interaction with others. Without honing social skills, how can one be expected to develop and lead people if he/she is not skilled at interacting with people?


I guess we do need to value education/counseling more (with our wallets). As for computers, I couldn't agree more. They allow us to hide anonymously without regard for others emotions and don't teach interaction skills.

I still think somebody is going to comment negatively and say I'm sexist, (perhaps within 3 months).


I was a Big Brother for Big Brothers and Sisters many years ago. It was a good experience.

I think there are lots of institutions for young boys out there, but maybe that's not quite what you have in mind.


I've always intended to be a Big Brother but haven't gotten around to it, like many volunteer activities. I did do " A World In Motion", teaching inner-city kids math and science.

I guess what prompted me to write this post are all the news/talk shows that mention how we need to help young women because they're constantly bombarded by the message that they're not thin enough. I just think many of these same things (and more) apply to boys so they should not be forgotten by the media. I think the Virginia Tech shootings show what can happen when a boy goes astray. Unfortunately, it's more violent than when most girls have issues.

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