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Dave P

Interesting follow-up to your recent quote.

There will always be good and evil. The good think the evil are evil while the evil think the good are evil. For this reason, there will always be conflict.

As you said "Nature is rarely neat and orderly."



I never thought of it as a follow-up to my prior quote, but I guess it fits. What you say is true. Evil and good are subjective and by definition diametrically opposed. The perception of feeling that they are right is what remains constant. Like I said before, "If you don't think your opinion is the best one, then you need a new one."


I think the earth itself has always been global, human culture hasn't.

I tend to think there was greater requisite variety pre-electronic communication. Although most linguists argue that language itself sprang from a common root (much like man himself), it's clear that there are fewer languages than there were two and three hundred years ago.
For example, Spain had several distinct language groups which though still separable have become increasingly similar. China too still has dialects but most people are tied together by Mandarin, the dialect taught in schools.
There are similar things with religion, music, etc.

It is interesting that the Judeo-Christian and even Moslem version of things does start with the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden.


Separating earth from human culture is pertinent, but due to geographic isolation, places like Madagascar evolved completely differently than other parts of the world. I suppose the same thing happened with humans, but due to technology, the floodgates have opened. Some of the mixing happens naturally, and smaller subcultures vanish or assimilate into larger ones.

I didn't know about the Tree of Knowledge in Christianity and Islam. It sounds familiar but I suppose I should read up on it.

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