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Dave P

You make many valid points in this article. While some people see computers as isolating, there are instances in which the Internet brings us together. I really enjoy learning about the views of others whether they reflect my views or not. On a number of occasions I am exposed to thinking that I hadn't even considered previously. The things you've noticed are sometimes things that I haven't. In reading them, I become richer in knowledge.



the internet has essentially replaced the encyclopedia and the dictionary in my daily life. It's faster, offers a variety of sources, I can access it from multiple places, etc.

I don't think it makes me smarter per se, but it does largely serve as my memory in a number of areas.


Indeed, for all the criticism the Internet receives, it is a goldmine of information and news. While many use it for entertainment, myself included, the majority of the time I find myself taking advantage of online news, RSS feeds, email, and Google (is there anything Google can't do?). Without the Internet, I must say, I would find my career as a student extremely difficult.


This is very true and there is much value in the Internet. It also brings the world together and can make understand others easier.


Thanks for all the comments guys and sorry for the delay in responding.

Dave, Nice of you to describe my thoughts in that manner. If not knowledge, at least the internet allows us to see others' viewpoints, something which can subsequently lead to gathering knowledge.

CL. I respectfully disagree. Of course the internet replaces reference books to some extent, (and does it well), but I think if you step back the next time you write and ask yourself where you found the facts that lead to your words, you would find that much of it originates from the internet. One other good thing about the internet is that it reduces our need for paper and tree harvesting.

Ripi$, If the internet were a person, you would make him happy. Professional students need the internet more than anybody. I wish I had it when I was in undergrad, but it sure helped with my MBA.

Romie, You bring up a good point that the internet can bring people together. But then, in bringing groups of people together, do you think it divides us more on the whole? Perhaps the internet enables polarization of opinions. I always say people watch the news they want to hear. When people are surrounded by like-minded people, perhaps they firm up their opinions in a way that makes them dislike those outside of that opinion group.

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