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hmmm...I can't really think of many examples of BANU in my life, beyond a large number of CDs, but those could always be turned around and sold back to the music store...I re-read books often enough to warrant keeping them around. Same with movies.

I did get rid of my comic book collection recently, as I was tired of having to lift the damn boxes all the time. Kept the trades, though.

Must ponder more.


Not me so much, but there are several dozen pairs of shoes in this house someone purchased that have never seen the light of day since the day they were bought, I'm thinkin'...


Beige, you listen to all of your CD's?

RW, Other people's shoes is a common complaint. How many shoes does one need. I have more than I should, but mostly because I haven't gotten rid of the old ones.


The ones that I have? Yeah...the bulk of them do get used at least once a year on the old fashioned stereo. The ones that don't can't be sold back, generally. Besides, they'll be needed in case my current form of portable listening device decides to act up.


Actually, my problem is with documentation, I have a filing cabinet dedicated to scripts I've performed or written, resumes I've created, etc. and so forth.

Also, I've an old Colecovision somewhere in the mix, because it holds some sentimental value for me.

And crap, endless amounts of crap, not of big size individually, but collectively? Yeah.


Too many shoes? No such thing...

(silly boys!!)

I have some kitchen gadgets that easily qualify as BANU. The chinois strainer I got at an antique store in Stillwater, MN and crammed into my carry-on bag for the flight home is a prime example.

I haven't put it in the charity box because I fully intend to use it someday. Never mind the fact that I still tend to use my food processor or blender to cream my soups...

I could probably part with the garlic roaster and a few other things hidden in the bottom cabinet that I never use...



I knew you had junk somewhere. If you use your computer instead of paper, you'll never lose a document again, (assuming you back things up occasionally). They're always searchable.


So good to have a female point of view. Amazing how my post on useless gadgets comes back into play. Sure you're going to use those tucked away devices "some day", just like the rest of us. I'm actually in the market for a garlic roaster.


Well, email me directly if you'd like me to box up mine and send it to you. It's likely to go in the charity box after this post reminded me of it taking up space in the back of the cabinet.

The thing about keeping paper copies of scripts has to do with notes & stuff you write on the script itself, which unless you scan a copy of the production script, the computer won't have. Most theatre folks have an archive of scripts for that very reason.

The resumes could easily be archived on computer, though. Get on that, Beigey!

Stephen V Funk

three words:



I would also admit to the stacks of books that are BANU. It got to the point where I had to ban myself from bookstores & book clubs & the like.

I was kinda hoping that I might somehow absorb the books contents via osmosis— that just having them around was the same as actually reading them, but alas!

I made myself promise not to buy any more books until I worked my way through more of the the ones I already own, and gave away or sold the ones I knew I'd never read again.

Hence my joy at finally getting back to reading for pleasure...


I think old clothes is my culprit. The white pants will fit again...
Books, cds, etc... are never BANU. Those I know I won't reread, I donate. Memoribilia (I know I just slaughtered that) can fall in the BANU category, but I do the occasional purge - usually around a death in the family.
I'm a sucker for old towels, though. I just can't pitch them!
I'm staring at some cool paper lanterns I just had to get in York two years ago that are just getting shuffled from one pile to the next....


German Purge Day - what a great idea.

I have a sandwich griller and a wok I never use, (both gifts from my sister).

Books, (good ones at least), are good BANU as far as I'm concerned. If you don't read them, maybe your kids will someday.

Clothes are probably the worst BANU due to inveitable body changes and style changes.

On a side note, I think we should start a movement and use BANU until word spreads and it gets in the dictionary.


It's been so long since I could afford to buy anything that didn't go toward feeding a family of 7 that I can't even remember my last BANU. Wearing the same shirts and shoes for 7 years is a drag. But if I COULD, it would probably be kitchen gadgets.


Hate to say this, but the single biggest "BANU" item in my world is books.
My bookshelf is full of books that I've never gotten around to reading.


My weakness is also books, particularly hard-bound. These aren't strictly BANU, since I do read them, sometimes more than once, but in any event, if I've bought it, and it has a hard cover, I just can't bear to part with it.

The only exception to this are books I've purchased specifically for the purpose of giving away. I have one or two books that I love so much, I want others to share in the joy, and so I will buy extra copies when I come across them, so that I can give them to people.

As someone once said, "never loan a book", by which I always assumed they meant, "if you give someone a book, it should be for keeps."



Absence of things BANU is freedom in a way as it clutters up one's life. But kitchen gadgets do have their own unique appeal.

Join the Book BANU club.

Thanks for stopping by. You have interesting thoughts on books as they are interesting. It makes sense not to ask for a book back, but once it is read, the essence is captured in the mind. However, in Indian culture, you're never supposed to step on or even touch a book with your foot. Knowledge is invaluable and to be respected.


I am a traditional artist by degree and a digital artist by profession...and because I miss doing traditional artworks, I often find myself wandering towards the art section of bookstores and end up buying a pile of art materials I intend to use "after I finish this project and that" but I never actually get to use them and they expipre or the papers turn yellowish or full of dust and I'm pissed at the sight of it all....Art materials are not cheap, mind you! Hahaha!


Hi Absiegirl,

Thanks for commenting. I am a bit of an artist myself and when I get the bug (or take a class), I buy lots of supplies too. I totally forgot about that category of stuff. And yes it is expensive!


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