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Dave P

Two comments:

Many of your fellow Cleveland fan brethren have been stepping up the trash talk especially about the Indians and Cavs. A Detroit fan's response: 1948

I commend you for sticking with your hometown teams through good and bad times. I have the same mindset in choosing to always root for the home team even when it can lead to embarrassing moments.


Atul, good to know you're one of the unwashed heathens who like sports, welcome. You're in good company.

My sympathies over your Cavs, who would've had a better showing had the Suns won their series (will not go on rant about the refereeing in that series-will not go on rant--). I only root for the Spurs when they're up against the Lakers.

Anyhoodle, from one frustrated-by-his-town's-teams sports fan to another: I hear you.

(will not go on rant regarding Bulls/Sonics Championship series, will not go on rant regard--)


I feel the same way about cricket!


While the 49ers have had more than their share of success, the Giants have third longest extended run of not having won the World Series. The last time they won it, 1954 when they swept the Indians.

Bottom line, I feel your sports pain. The Browns did win a Super Bowl, they just happened to do it as the Baltimore Ravens.....talk about your rotten deals.


Dave, I can't believe some Cleveland fans are talking like they're Univ. of Michigan fans! I don't trash talk, but the Indians/Tigers battle should be great this year.

Beige, yes it seems like many of the blogging progressive types have given up on sports. Seattle and Cleveland fans should start a support group. We both have ref'ing incidents to complain about. But the NBA is so dependent on ref's calls, it can get annoying.

Leon, National pride in a sport makes it worse. Since I'm Indian, I understand how big of a deal cricket can be. When's the last time Jamaica won a world championship of some sort? I don't know when India last won either, don't follow it enough.

Chance, I feel sorry for the baseball Giants too. Don't remind me about the Ravens winning the Superbowl. That was like a giant slap in the face from the sports gods.

From Detroit and Pittsburgh

Cleveland Rules!

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