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Dave P

Interesting topic.
I have some thoughts.

I think that those celebrities who putdown yesterday's music want to promote today's music for their own financial gain-they have an agenda.

Also, we are exposed to new things daily. It seems that there is a major story every day. We are so accustomed to it that how things used to be-less sensational, simpler-seems boring to today's younger generation because they know no other way.

Oldies are very popular in this area. WOMC, the primary oldies station has continuously been one of the highest ratings stations in this market.

People come to this area from all over the country for the dream cruise. Many have fond memories of a simpler time years ago.


taste in music is highly subjective. I'd just like whatever you happen to like. It's one of the good things about Ipod culture.
You listen to what you want when you want to...



I never thought about the fact that they are motivated to sell new music, but then they're also making us a bit nostalgic, perhaps prompting us to want to buy older music. Maybe once we get to a certain age, we stop trying to follow what's new and decide to go back to what's tried and true. That would explain the popularity of oldies. Plus they do bring back pleasant memories from our past.


Yes, the iPod is the ultimate entertainment venue with privacy. You can play what you want and nobody knows, (until somebody rummages through your playlist and finds some "embarrassing tracks).


Joe Cayao

In the end, it is ultimately your choice what you listen to, what genre of music you like. While as I have my pet-peevs towards certain kinds of music, I understand that many other people may love those bands, and I respect that. I can still respect the opinions of people who don't like the music that I like. It is such a grey area to me when it comes to judging music. That media is out in the public for a reason, at least one person in the world must have a liking for it. Personally, I find much of the music over the past year to sound the same. To me, the radio is filled with cookie-cutter bands. But I understand that they all have their fan base behind them, and as long as someone appreciates their work, that is all that matters.



Good points. It is all subjective and more people need to have the attitude that whatever anybody likes is up to them. I think now there are so many people and so many bands that there is going to be overlap with something that's been done before. It's really hard to come up with music that's truly original.


Joshua Doherty

Music is an interesting representation of the era and culture. I can usually hear a song and tell which time period it is from, regardless of the station it’s being played on. When I was younger I got caught up in every fad that was going around my school. I went through a phase where I listened to rap, heavy metal and emo (teenage angst music). I would drift from genre to genre, never settling on any one for very long. When I finally graduated, I started getting into classic rock. These were songs I had heard all my life, through my dad or some random radio station. I became obsessed and I think my music pallet finally matured, I had found what I was looking for that entire time. In society today, there is a huge need to find acceptance and be understood by your peers. This can influence someone who is striving to fit in any way they can. I listened to music that I can’t bear the thought of sitting through these days, it truly frightens me. It is all really a matter of personal opinion, but I believe there is music that is simply timeless. There are a lot of gimmicky talentless acts out there, who are using a formula to rake in quick cash and merchandise. It’s truly up to the individual to indulge in the deep tapestry of music and keep following music that moves them.

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