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Sereena X

Atul, that was very beautiful and I want to thank you for sharing your private thoughts. I can relate to much of what you said. I miss my daddy terribly. He died "too young," also, although suddenly, and not from a lingering illness.

"He was the man I went to for advice ... and took care of me with his logical yet loving nature." It's devastating to lose such a precious relationship.

It does get easier eventually. A little easier.

Take care.



I'm glad my sharing gave you something to relate to, but I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your dad even if it was a while ago. Time is helping a bit already, but you're right that it can only get better to a certain extent. Thanks for the support once again.


Thanks for sharing this. I think you've done the most generous thing possible in such a tragic situation - tried to find ways to learn from it and understand other's pain better.

Elizabeth McQuern

Yes, Atul, thanks for sharing such a private and painful moment in your life. Very enlightening, and I hope, for you, elevating. Thinking of you.

Dave P

You have taken many lessons that we could all use and shared them with us. Your Dad will always be with you in spirit. I am certain that he is very proud of the man that you have become.

The death of a family member brings out so many emotions that we do not feel on a day-to-day basis. My younger brother died when I was 4 years old. There are many times when I wonder what it might have been like to grow up with a younger brother. Fortunately, I have both my Mom and Dad, 2 great younger sisters, a cool nephew and wonderful girlfriend and have met nice people along the way who I now call friend just like you have special people in your life to share life's ups and downs with. It sounds like you have great memories of your Dad and that he was a great guy.



My sincere condolences to you and your family. Having lost my dad a while ago, I concur with Ms. X in wanting to console you with the knowledge that time will heal the particular wound you're feeling.

Your reminisces will only dissipate, but will never disappear; I still get moments where I think about the old man, on both good and bad ways. (My relationship with my dad was different than yours, but the essential rules apply.)

I am sorry for the loss you feel, sir, but encourage you to experience it, as macabre as that may sound. The grieving process is an interesting and strengthening one, and denying yourself of it is only delaying the inevitable.

Best of luck, one step at a time, and if you need to vent, feel free to contact me.




Thanks for the comment and the support. I try to make this experience positive in whatever way I can.

I don't mind sharing sometimes if it helps others as well as myself. Thanks for thinking of me.

Thank you for sharing your experiences about your brother. My dad's death definitely made me appreciate my family and friends more. The memories of my dad hurt and help at the same time. It's kind of weird.

Sorry that your father passed away a long time ago. I guess grieving and mourning does have a purpose. That I understand. Difficulty in being comfortable with and accepting of the reality is a phase I'm going through now.

+ Atul

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