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I'm not sure what the natural state of the earth is....I would say that we're making our own environment less hospitable for human life, but whatever's happening may be good for rock fragments, etc.

I find that people who long for the old days generally seem to remember a time that never actually existed.

We do take a lot of modern conveniences for granted. One is the constant variety and relatively cheap cost of fresh food. It's a pretty recent phenomenon in the industrial world and has never existed in much of the world.


for some odd reason, my comments are triple posting...I"m only pressing the post button once on my end....I suspect the problem is on your end.

Feel free to remove the duplicates btw.



Yes, the health of the planet is very subjective and human-centric. What happens happens and the earth and life on earth will adapt or evolve. I suppose when the earth is engulfed by the sun, then we can say that the earth is in a bad state, nonexistent.

Easy food does make life better and easier, but it also makes us fatter and less healthy. But then being fat is better than starving.

I don't know why your comments double, triple or quadruple post. It doesn't happen with everyone and it doesn't always happen with you. I'll just delete when necessary. I know it's not your fault.


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