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Elizabeth McQuern

So it's YOU eating the last cookie!

Someone at my office (which is a tiny one...five people) keeps eating or throwing out my leftovers. Food in a communal situation brings out weird habits in all of us.


Yes it was ME. I travel from office to office, looking for last bits of food, but only the stuff meant to be shared. Sounds like you have a hamburglar at your office eating your food, (or an anal neat freak).

Free food in sometimes hidden communal situations does make us weird, or perhaps it shows our normal behavior. Hmm, I would love to see a hidden camera of what happens to the food and who eats the most or leaves the empty container.

Elizabeth McQuern

I knew it! It's always the "nice guys." Are you the one who picked the chicken out of my pad thai at my last job? Very sneaky.


I never said I was a "nice guy" ;-) Actually, I didn't pick the chicken out of your pad thai because I'm veg. I did pick out the tiny peanut bits though.

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