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Dave P


I've been fortunate in that I have only had 2 moves. My last one was 2 years ago.

You're right in that you are effected by friends and family moving. It's almost as if you're moving too with the demands placed upon you. Try to be happy where you are is a good line.

I really enjoy how you say the things that people think but would never say.


I do think American culture is set up to "follow the money". Part of that is the tendency to treat career/workforce considerations as an inanimate resource.
I do think it plays a role in the decline of the sense of "community" in our culture.


You guys said it best. Moving is an all-friends-on-board affair. And I guess trying to be happy where you are limits opportunities. But most Americans do chase money more often than they want to maintain a sense of community. So when you move, you have to lean on friends that you will probably lose touch with if you move out of town. And then you get new neighbors that might not be so nice or desirable. "The devil you know is better than..."

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