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Dave P

Good description of what happened.

Our victory was significant in that it was one highlight of a memorable summer for me. I think as you get a bit older you really appreciate something like this more. You only get so many kicks at the can. We've seen defeat often enough to really appreciate winning. We worked hard to achieve what we did. How we did it is as much a part of it as actually doing it. It's something that only the 6 of us can understand. We defeated a very good team.
We hung in there even when the struggle was very difficult.

Atul, you seem to be willing to share events in your life with your blog family so I was surprised that you had not already written an article about our championship victory. I've known you for a while-all the way back to the days when we had a hairy softball teammate who brought chia pets as gifts for all of the girls to the last game. I know it's been hard on you to lose your Dad. Although nothing can take away the pain of your loss, I'm glad that you could be part of something good.

I'm really hoping that we can get the team together for a celebration dinner one day soon. I have a surprise commemorative item for everyone that I hope you'll enjoy.

To clarify, the last game was 15-2. Amy served 13 straight points to clinch the win. BTW, including the team photo is a nice touch.

Elizabeth McQuern

Awesome! The matching shirts are particularly impressive.


Dave, sorry for the delay in responding to you and thanks for the comment. Yes, I do put personal things on my blog, but I'm usually not the type to boast and I wasn't sure how others on the team felt about it. But since you the captain thought it was fine, I put up the post. It was good to be part of a winning team and things like this do make life better in a sense even in times of adversity. I hope we can figure out the logistics for our dinner. I'm looking forward to the surprise gifts. I will correct the score of Game 3.

Good to see you on here again. I was going to write to you about your interview and stand-up. Expect that soon. Anyway, glad you like our shirts. I may hang mine on the wall, jersey style. :-)


Elizabeth McQuern

I eagerly await your e-mail, although, since you already mentioned the content, it might not be entirely necessary now. :)

Weird about the radio interview, huh? The interviewer becomes the interviewed. It's the Circle of Life...or something.

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