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Dave P

You generally follow the same rules that I do. Seinfeld had an episode where these stall issues came up. The term "courtesy flush" came from it.

As far as conversation, it can be awkward. I think it's OK to talk and also OK not to talk.

You're right about always washing your hands. People sometimes just run their hands under water and call that handwashing. It's not the same. During my restaurant days, I would walk out of the bathroom with a paper towel in my hands as I dry them so others would notice that I have washed my hands and to give a good example to others.


I forgot about the "courtesy flush" episode. I also failed to mention the quick rinse hand washers who aren't accomplishing anything for epidemiology.

As for restaurants, I find it funny when signs in the bathroom say, "Employees must wash hands." I feel like crossing out the word "Employee" and writing the word "Everyone". Good idea for you to make it obvious that you were doing the right thing.

its me......

Im so embarrassed to say this so that is why it might go through. But the way Atul describes gender differences, in the bathroom, is alot like what Ive heard women say they want from sex, and how men deliver it,

Pretty funny, pretty interesting.



i say you should not say anything unless they say something to you. I find at bars/clubs people are more open to talk not sure why?

Brad Engel

When I go to the bathroom in public I always like to make a seen. I think it is fun to start a conversation with some else to see what they have to say. This usually ends up in a funny story.

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