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Dave P


You had 3 chances to win. In that situation, the team has nobody to blame but themselves. Your best reliever had a bad day at an inopportune time and the hitters stopped scoring runs.

Even though it's been many years since Cleveland has won a MLB championship(1948), you still have LeBron and the #1 ranked (for now) Ohio State football to cheer for. That is better than most cities can say.

Get over it!!!


Sorry it took me a while to comment back.

I'm not bitter at the specific ALCS this year. Rather, I am bitter that not a single Cleveland team has won a championship since the Browns in the early 60's. We do have good prospects to cheer for, but as a Detroit fan, you can't fully understand due to the fact that you've experienced Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings championships. It's easy to say "Get Over It" when you have recently experienced such fan elation.

Dave P

Yes, I've been waiting for it.

Don't you count Ohio State? I guess you shouldn't anyway because of Clarett.

You've been here long enough that you can become a fan of Detroit sports if you allow it.

Glad you didn't bring up the Lions because most from Detroit say that all we've had to cheer about is Barry and unfortunately one of his lasting memories is his early retirement and the speculation behind it.


I guess the Buckeyes count to some degree, but that's college. Pro sports representing Cleveland mean a bit more. I do support Detroit secondarily, can't get into the Red Wings so much but I was there in spirit for the Pistons and Tigers. I won't mention the Lions. A Browns/Lions Superbowl would mean that the apocalypse is near. I can't even visualize it right now!


Man, I felt for y'all in Cleveland. Then for those in Denver...

Sean Sciba

I think the Cleveland Browns are improving and actually think all Cleveland sports are improving. Ohio State is always competitive in basketball and football. The Browns are now improving with the young players they have drafted. Cavaliers will continue to improve with Lebron(although I do not like him). Indians are a great baseball team that the tigers continue to have trouble beating.

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