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you mostly seem to be describing the tendencies of monotheistic religions. For whatever reason, they always seem to have very high maintenance Gods.

Dave P


It's impossible to discuss religion and not have controversy because not everyone views things the same way-even within the same religion.

I think fearing the wrath of God is one of many aspects. I tend to have a more positive view. God has blessed us and often we take these blessings for granted and need reminders that we often receive through the experiences of the lives of others. I don't have a good answer for why babies die.

Religion is faith-based so if you're a true believer, you rely on that faith when you cannot have concrete answers to questions.

I think that religion is a very personal thing. I respect a person's right to believe or not believe in a God. A big problem I have is when people use/hide behind "their god" to make it their life's work to cause harm to others.

God sent his Son to show us how to treat others. Our true riches are in heaven and not here on earth.

Churches do seem to talk a lot about donating money to them and it can be a turnoff at times. It is an individual decision not one that anyone should tell you what to do.

One item that you don't touch upon is religion in a relationship. I think that
it is important that the two people have similar religious beliefs. It would be tough to be a child from 2 parents who feel strongly about their differing religious beliefs.

Religion can be a strengthening force and also a divisive force.

No offense taken. You ask valid questions and make us see things from a different perspective.




Perhaps I am referring to mostly monotheistic religions, (which includes Hinduism since it is classified as polymorphic monotheism), but some of the older polytheistic religions involved human sacrifice!


Glad I didn't offend. Your right that religion is about faith and not so much about analyzing things. But I think you hit on an area which I didn't talk about, that religion is a personal thing. Organized religion makes it more of a cultural and institutional thing. I guess some organization is needed for a religion to keep going without morphing into something completely different. I've been there when it comes to considering marrying somebody with completely different religious beliefs. Part of what made it difficult for me was figuring out how to raise the kids.

I do wish religion would bring us together more than it divides us. Somehow, with my critique of religious commonalities, I feel I have opened the door to bringing us all together in trying to figure out why our religions are the way they are.


God-fearing like you said is not living in fear of God but it is respect. God gave us rules to follow which is for the good of us. God gave us free will and it is up to us to do what you want to do, feel to do or even need to do. but there is always a consequence in everything that we do. "cause and effect" as they say. or "we shall reap wat we sow". the Bible says that the consequence of sin is death(which is eternal damnation) God gave us free will. its up to you to abuse it or not. live in fear of God?? i don't think so. coz if people lived in fear of God, there wouldnt be murder, rape and all the evil things this world has done. then again, religion is just a way man searches for God. it is made only by man. the important thing is having a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. HAving faith in Him alone.



Thanks for the comment. I understand what you're saying about God-fearing, but to say that this concept is necessary to do the right thing is somewhat pessimistic about humanity. There are many atheists who are genuinely good people even though they don't fear punishment. They do good things from their heart and based on their values. If everybody was afraid of God, then most people wouldn't do any bad things either, but the parallel is that people who do illegal things aren't always deterred by jail.

The idea of reaping what you sew is shared with the Hindu concept of karma. You can believe in that without believing in a particular religion.

I never thought of it the way you put it, but that's a perfect statement, "religion is just a way man searches for God." But the fact that you advocate one religion doesn't prove to me that it is the one true religion, just as I don't believe mine is. It is my true religion and that's all. Even then, it is flexible and always adapting and changing as my relationship with God changes and as encounter new life experiences.


I can only agree with you and Trevor that religion is indeed man made, for how can a created being searches or reaches the Creator God on his own if God does not chose to reveal Himself.Therefore the proof of a true religion is that this religion must not be man made but a religion revealed by God the Creator Himself.And there is a religion that fits this description.No one can disprove that God came into human history in human flesh to reveal to man the way to God, yet He was God who in history seen by many who rose from the dead to give everlasting life to those who believe. All other religions so called deity are all still in the grave.The faith in those who believe in the revealed God in the flesh and His written word is not blind faith, it was proven and authenticated by God himself in history through Jesus Christ, His Son


God-fearing is not meant literally.


I think for some people it is meant literally. If it isn't then what does it mean? God-respecting? If that's the case, then I think it should be said that way.


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