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Dan Boyd

I am a conservationist and care a great deal about the environment but I respectfully disagree about global warming being caused by humans. Yeah I know there have been Hollywood movies about it and Nobel peace prizes based upon it but the research is at best inconclusive. Many scientists still disagree with the basic premise that human manufactured CO2 is the cause of global warming. In fact when you look at temperature data versus CO2 in the atmosphere the temperature always rises years before the CO2 levels do. This tells us that CO2 increases as a result of higher temperatures not the other way around. Temperatures have always fluctuated from decade to decade and we are now at the end of a high temperature phase so I am much more concerned with global cooling than warming. Heck if the temp in Florida and Texas rises a few more degrees maybe some of those people who relocated down there will move back and help Michigan's economy rebound.
That's my two cents anyway. Have a safe trip back.



Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay. I'm finally getting time to catch up on things. I respect your view on global warming that we're not causing it, but even if we're not, less pollution is a good thing. And using less energy and resources is a good thing. We don't have an extra Earth to experiment with to prove either one of us right or wrong. If global warming is happening naturally, our CO2 emissions are only making it worse.

An increase of a couple of degrees in Michigan might be good for us but it will cause massive land submersion and will force millions to move to higher ground. Then we'll have to help them. That would cause more human and economic hardship than creating environmental regulations. These may actually drive commerce from new technology development. I don't doubt that our economy can recover from such disturbances, but our earth may be getting to a tipping point because less ice reflects less heat and melts more ice.


Did you see that new Aspen Hybrid at the Industry Preview? I really liked it - not only was it a great SUV, it was fuel efficient, luxurious, and environmentally friendly. Do you think that the auto makers are now taken note? Do you think they are making greater strides in technology to combat these issues?



Sorry it took me a while to respond. For some reason, your comments didn't lead to an email notice.

As for the Aspen, I think most SUV's are wasteful and less safe because they tend to be heavier and taller without much appreciable utility. For people that need to carry 7 or 8 people and tow a boat or snowmobiles, then they make sense, but otherwise, stationwagons are better options. (You know I'm biased).

That being said, if this SUV uses less fuel than other ones, then it's a better alternative. The auto industry has painted themselves into a corner because they have gotten many of us addicted to SUV's but now they have very strict fuel economy targets they'll have to meet.

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