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Jimi Robertson

It's unfortunate that we live in a society where we are programmed to act and say what is expected of us. I have lived my life trying not to be one of these people and to raise my daughter not to conform to this type of behavior that does not allow her to be true to herself.
Why should you feel obligated to create meaningless small talk among people as you described as not caring what you have to say or the fact that what you are saying even matters. I refuse to be a zoombie, if I am going to take the time to speak to someone I intend to talk to someone who cares and about relevant issues.
It is a waste of time brown-nosing with your boss that puts on his/her pants the same way you do, laughing at their lame jokes just puts you in the position to keep kissing-up.
Just my thoughts on small talk!



Thanks for the comment. I generally agree, (which is why I wrote the post, actually located here...


But, being the way you want to be has consequences in our culture, especially in certain fields of work.

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