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Dave P


I think that the whole team including our subs would cast their vote for you so you can count on more than 2 votes.



There are times when I feel that we'll be lucky to have elections in 2016.


Sweet. I'm up to 16 votes using zero campaign dollars.

That's a pessimistic attitude. Assuming Bush will actually step down in 2009, I think we will have elections in 2016, but the world will be very different, hopefully not too much worse.

Dan Boyd

Hi Atul,
I'm not sure why you would jump to the conclusion that if you don't vote for a woman or a black man that it is sexist or racist. In my case I like Obama and may very well vote for him. The problem is that I disagree with most of his policies but I still like the guy and think he would make a good President.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand will not be getting my vote because I just don't think the qualification to get into the Whitehouse is that you were the President's wife or that you are a good proponent of women's causes by turning a blind eye to your husband's sometimes violent subjugation of women who are subordinate to him in the workplace. Hillary is certainly no Indira Gandhi. If she were a true leader like that I would be voting for her. I think the days of Bushes and Clinton's in the Whitehouse are almost over and most people will be glad for it.

Would you be sexist if Ann Coulter were running for President and you didn’t vote for her?

Thanks for tolerating my dissenting opinion.
Dan :^)



Good to see you back. I didn't mean that any individual who doesn't vote for Hillary or O'Bama is prejudiced or sexist. What it will help to indicate is how we are collectively. It has shown up in some of the primaries where certain ethnic groups vote heavily for one candidate over the other. If two groups voting habits are similar when all candidates are white males and then the votes shift when one candidate is a female and the other is a minority, there's some valuable nuggets that can be deduced from the data.

If Ann Coulter ran for president and I didn't vote for her, I wouldn't be sexist, I would just be sensible :-)

Dan Boyd

Laughs. Thanks for the quick response.

I think it is encouraging to see that a 98% white state like Iowa overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Even in Texas he ended up with more delegates. I think these are hopeful signs that racism is on the decline.

I think running for President is a good idea, count my vote for you too if you get on the ballot.
Dan :^)

monica Davis

Well you say that your idea for running for President is a little crazy, But I say hey why not there have been much more crazy things have happen in politics. sexism and racist seems like it's running neck to neck in this campaign so i dont know which way to go on that let's just wait and see.

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