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Congratulations Atul.
It sounds like you had a great time. Oddly, I've never bicycled around Lake Tahoe. I've ridden from Los Angeles to San Francisco and a bunch of other places, but...

It sounds like your dad would be proud of you too.

The Daniels Family


Amazing job. Having gone through many a Michigan 3 day walk with Amanda, we know all of the emotions involved in these amazing events. Your example is inspiring and allthough you may not have heard us, your DTNA and DDC friends were cheering you on as well.

A job well done. Now go get some tender cactus (or what ever it is that you eat in Minn now).

Best Wishes

The Daniels



Thanks for the congrats. It was a great challenge that was tough but never so ridiculously hard that I felt like giving up. My next challenge is to do a century faster. This time, I just wanted to finish. You should do the Tahoe ride. It really is beautiful. LA to San Fran is really far. I'm impressed.

Thanks. I'm sure your experience with the 3 day was amazing. I didn't know you did that. The best emotions from the event are the camaraderie of all the others riding and supporting each other. It's nice to hear I had support from DTNA. I haven't found tender cactus here yet, but I found a decent falafel and great bakery/cafe. Hope everything is going well.



Congrats on the ride. Sounds like an experience you won't forget. At least one of us is riding (I still haven't gone biking this year).

Dave P

Congrats Atul on finishing the bike ride. I can't imagine going 39 mph on a bike!!

Elizabeth McQuern

Congratulations on a very impressive accomplishment!!


Thanks for the congrats Dharmesh, Dave and Elizabeth. I highly recommend all of you trying to do the same. It forces you to ride more. Yes, 39 mph is frightening, but not as crazy as the people getting up to 50 mph just like Tour De France riders who incidentally CRUISE at 25-30.


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