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Quite an interesting observation you have made, I completely agree. I would like to add that I think it is much more difficult for women as well, since we are always expected to eat in a dainty manner. I would like to add sushi to your list. In most cases it is proper to eat a piece of sushi whole. However, if the piece is too large and you attempt to try and cut into two pieces you have the thin layer of seaweed that is impossible to cut or break through!!!


Hi Heather,

I'm glad you commented. It takes a woman's perspective to remind me that you have other concerns with wrong-sized food. I do know about the sushi issue. It's not the seaweed that bothers me. It's the rice and other fillings that fall out once the seaweed gets dislocated. If all sushi wasn't any larger than bite-sized, we wouldn't have that problem to begin with!

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