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the other bit is that if you're going to go to war with all those poeople, you both have to pay more taxes and bring back the draft.

Dave Piasecki

Hi Atul
You are right again.


That's a great idea that you have to pay for or be held accountable for the policies that each voter supports. If you support a war, you should be willing to fight it.

Thanks for the support on this revelation I had. It's amazing how people get patriotic and wrap themselves up in the flag yet want so much from their government without any willingness to sacrifice.

Oleg Tumarkin

I like what Warren Buffet said, paraphrasing: "If the debt grows by more than 3% over the economic growth, the Senators and the President should not get a salary that year. And for the first time their interests will align with ours."



That's the key. Having their interests align with ours as you say. But, to get elected, they have to tell us things will be fine and that we don't have to sacrifice. A candidate who tells the truth will never get elected. But once a candidate is elected, 4 years is not enough to see the results of that person doing what's best for the country. I don't see any easy answers and so we have to go through these economic crises on occasion.

Gulinda Smiley

I am truly against paying higher taxes to help the national debt, because so many people are losing their jobs, out to China, Mexico and other counties, what should happen is the government should raise taxes on the Oil Company, and the Billions Dollars Company. Not put the big price tag on the poor and middle class people.



It's ok to be against paying higher taxes and want the government to do more to protect our jobs. We just have to be careful what we ask for and understand that nothing comes for free. I agree that most of the tax cuts should go to the poor and middle class, not the rich as McCain advocates.

Jennifer Byrne

I think that Mccain is wrong in everything he believes in and he lies about everything hes going to do for this country. Hes just another bush in office and the country will run the same way with him in office as it is running now. Paying more taxes to lower a national debt that the GOVERMENT has created is rediculous. We didnt make those decisions to go to war and pay for other peoples lifes to be better and make our nation worse.



I don't want to get too political, (as if my quote wasn't political), but all I'll say is that I generally agree with your comment. Now we all just have to get out there and vote!

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