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one of the odd things is that I have all these digital photos but I forget to put them in a single directory..For all intents and purposed, they're lost.

I would mention that one good thing about digital photos is that the colors don't fade.


I would have thought that you put all the pictures in one folder. Digging through all your photos could be fun. What I do is make a folder for each time I download a lot of pictures from the camera and label it with at least a month and year.

The part about digital photos staying perfect is very true, (as long as the files are backed up on a separate hard drive).

Deneen Caston

Digital cameras are evil because people can upload your pictures on the internet. Also, they can show people your pictures without consent. They can also sell your pictures.



Yes, I mentioned that a bit, but I didn't emphasize how evil uploading can be. It can ruin careers and relationships but it can also make people money in a not-so-nice way.

Jenna Peace

I must add that i am so glad digital cameras were NOT around when i was little. All of my cousins and nieces are forced to take so many pictures. Many of them are good, some hilarious and others just bad. I am so glad that my mother does not have pictures like that of me. I would be so embarrassed for someone special to see me in my tie-die jumper at four years old.
I agree with all of you saying it is scary getting your pictures stolen. I had that happen to a friend once on myspace. She found her pictures on someone's myspace profile who was pretending to be her. She could not even get the person to take them down. It was a bad situation. It is crazy to think that anyone in the world could have personal pictures of you.



Yes, I've thought about that before too. I'm glad that every little thing I did isn't on video or photo since digital cameras weren't around when I grew up. And getting pictures stolen would be horrible. All it takes is a stolen/lost laptop. Real paper pictures are much harder to duplicate and spread around.

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