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Glad you had a good thanksgiving and hope your knee gets better soon. I have to say that between the Big 3, Mumbai, the loss of your Dad, and the Cleveland Browns, obviously not in that order....it's been sort of a rough run for you though I guess you got away from the auto business in time.
Let 2009 be all good stuff...and I'm sure the bigger faster guy is hurting worse than you are.

Dave P

Good to hear about you maintaining Thanksgiving traditions. When you say "the staff here...", it makes me wonder if you have a frog in your pocket. We saw the movie I had told you about-Slumdog Millionaire-last night at a sneak preview. Go see it. It is good. India certainly has very rich and poor regions. You'll like the film. I now know of a Patel more famous than you.


Happy Belatied Thanksgiving guys.

CL, it has at least been a better year than the year before. My father passed away in 2007. Time flies. But I was very fortunate leaving my past employers when I did. Hopefully you and your family are doing fine. My knee seems fine now.

Yes, the "staff" thing is a joke to make my site seem like a real business. (I am up to $8.50 in advertising revenue though). I did see Slumdog Millionaire at a free preview night almost 3 weeks ago. I liked it. Yes, now I'm not the most famous Patel in the world. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving too.

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