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I think President Obama's been pretty smart and he's creating a bit of room for himself to fail a little before he starts swinging for the fences.

I was very pleased that one of his first acts was to shut down Guantanomo.


Yes, I think Obama is expressing the gravity of the situation to lower expectations, but the media sure wasn't up until the inauguration. He is definitely a man of action too, getting things like Guantanomo done right away.


I love Obama, but I am confused to why it is if a person has 1% (in his case 50%)of black genes in their blood, why then are they referred to as a black person? He does have a White mother and therefore is bi-racial. I hope that I am not offending anyone in saying so. My children are also bi-racial and I think both races are equally important and both heritages should be aknowledged.



Funny you should mention that. In my first draft of my post I was going to write the following...

"...our first (half) African-American president."

but I changed it to reflect what the mainstream calls him. I agree with you. Both parts of his culture are important. The emphasis in our culture goes towards what's different about him, not what's mainstream.

Kevin M

It will be nice to have a President with some intelligence, whom won't have to have his questions screened so he will be better prepared to answer. Of course I am speaking of our former President Bush. Yet, with all of his mistakes and mishaps it would be foolish of me to neglect how monumental the election of Obama is. My parents spoke to me about the race riots in Detroit in the sixties, they believed like many other non-racist white Americans that a black President would not be elected in their lifetimes. What a tremendous victory for all people in this great country. Good luck President Obama.

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