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Patty R

This is an interesting quote. Words can have a powerful effect, especially in their delivery. Everyone likes to hear “I love you”, but it can lose its heartfelt meaning if delivered too often or without sincere intent.

Patty R.

Nickol L

This is so true the more you hear something the less likely your are to listen.

Dave P

Isn't that the true!!

Aleksandar M. Velkoski

Atul, I 100% agree. This is a great quote. One of your best so far.


I totally agree. That's the one statement that gets devalued the most through overuse.

Just like when your parents keep telling you to do something right?

I knew I could count on you to agree :-)

Thanks. I didn't think it was one of my best, but it really resonates with people.

Aleksandar M. Velkoski

Well, how about I say this: it is one of the better quotes I've read since following your blog. :-)

Brian Daniels

Is that way it has taken you soo long to update your blog?


Thanks again Aleks.

Good to see you on here. Yes, I'm trying to cut back on how often I post so that each one is more meaningful. Actually, I am going to go back to shorter posts so that more people read them and comment on them and I can write them more quickly without having to do so much editing. That really keeps me from writing new posts.

Boy that was long.

Aleksandar M. Velkoski

Atul, I'm facing a similar situation at my blog. My posts average one page (as in one Microsoft Word page) and are usually rich in content (at least that's what I hear lol). What I'm struggling with is keeping post quality high while maintaining a manageable / readable post size. Although I've received great reviews for content structure / quality, I have had quite a bit of feedback (negative) about post length. What are your suggestions? I guess, logically, your suggestions would be "shorten your posts." But, it's harder than you think. Especially for guys like me - who like to be complete and cover all angles in their postings.

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